Saturday 19 September 2009

Configuring Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari sent me a link to its new online configurator for the just-presented 458 Italia. It’s one of the benefits of owning a Ferrari…of course Ferrari doesn’t take into consideration that the combined values of my 328 GTS and 308 GT4 wouldn’t cover the sales tax on a 458 Italia.

Despite the undeniable fact that it will take a minimum of 25 years of depreciation before affording one, I decided to create one to my specifications. I like to stand out in a crowd — except to police, so I’m going not for Rossa Corsa (red), but for TdF Blue with black and charcoal interior.

As with most Ferraris, color has a drastic effect on the overall presence of the vehicle. To me, black (angry), silver (sporty) and TdF (elegant) look great.

What do you think?


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