Friday 4 September 2009

Classic Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

This great front-engined Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona remains one of the most desirable cars.

Ferrari Daytona

TOP SPEED: 174mph

0-60MPH: 5.4sec

ECONOMY: 14mpg

PRICE FOR A GOOD ONE: coupé £300,000, spider £500,000 upwards

Ferrari boss Enzo introduced this beauty at the 1968 Paris Motor Salon. The world's fastest production car, the Daytona had a stretched, quad-cam, Lampredi-designed, 60-degree V12 producing 352bhp. Designed by Pininfarina and bodied by Scaglietti, it captured the imagination.

Driving it is a very special experience, quite noisy and heavy at low speeds, scarily light when you open it up. The engine and transmission are flexible, however, and the accommodation and luggage capacity make it a true GT.

The spider was introduced in 1969 and just 127 were built against 1,285 coupés.


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