Tuesday 8 September 2009

2010 Ferrari California

California is where trends start and the new Ferrari California offers
some new trends. It’s Ferrari’s first front engine V8, the first with direct
fuel injection, the first with a seven-speed transmission, the first with real
launch control, the first with a retractable hardtop, and the first with a
stacked exhaust. Regardless of these new additions, the California has
the goods - a real Ferrari it is indeed! See the Slideshow of this excellent
GT below

Past Ferraris have had front engine V6s and V12s but with its 4.3-liter
8-cylinder, Ferrari has made this entry level a great sports car. It shares the
same engine with the F430, however, it is heavier than the F430. Therefore,
the horsepower was dropped a bit to 457 hp but torque was upped to 357 ft- lbs.

The Getrag dual-clutch seven speed gearbox is marvelous in that it provides
continuous acceleration and it allows a great sounding power note between

So what will the California do with its seven-speed transmission and
a heavy breathing Ferrari engine? It does 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and the
quarter mile in 11.9 second at 117.4 mph. The top speed is 193 mph.

Ferrari chose not to go with a ragtop but rather a retractable hardtop.
Even with the top down, the body structure is rigid as is Ferrari customary.
Another feature about the top is that it will not raise or lower if something
like a garage door opening does not provide the necessary clearance.

The California is equipped with ceramic brakes, however, Ferrari has
adjusted the brake system so that the brakes are not overly aggressive
and annoying for road driving. The brakes are compliant and easy to
use and provide stops from 60 mph in only 100 feet.


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