Thursday 17 March 2011

Audi RS3

Audi RS3
Audi has today published its first official pictures of the much-scooped RS3 Sportback.

As we predicted, the RS3 adopts the 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine from the TT RS. With 335bhp on tap Audi can, for now at least, stake a claim to the hot hatch top trumps.
So the new Audi RS3 is one fast machine?

Of course. Audi quotes a 0-62mph time of just 4.6 seconds. It's not so many years ago that this would be supercar-flattening accelaration.

Top speed is unsurprisingly limited to 155mph. Should you need to shave off all that speed swiftly the RS3 comes standard with massive 14.5-inch discs on the front and 12.5-inch at the rear.

Being an Audi, Quattro four-wheel drive is standard. Let's hope it's good, as the RS3's ESP can be switched off entirely.

No manual 'box is available and all RS3's come with Audi's seven-speed S-tronic dual-clutch transmission, complete with paddle-shift change and launch control.
How will people tell that the RS3 is not a regular A3?

Differentiating the RS3 from a regular A3 are polished titanium-look 19-inch alloys, matt aluminium-look mirrors and a roof spoiler.

Look even closer and you may spot the rear diffuser insert, twin exhausts and various RS3 badges scattered around the bodywork.

The cabin is pepped up by RS3 logos aplenty, leather sport seats with silver stitching and a flat-bottomed leather multi-functional steering wheel.

Interestingly, the RS3 also comes with a lap timer. Should make for an interesting conversation if you get your collar felt by Plod and it's turned on.
When can I get my hands on the RS3?

The order books open in December 2010, with first UK deliveries expected in April 2011. The cost of laying your hands on one will be £39,900.

Source from carmagazine


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