Tuesday 5 January 2010

Price Peugeot 207 Facelift Different Light

Price Peugeot 207 Facelift Different Light

PT Astra International Peugeot promised, Peugeot 207 facelift pricing would attend the upcoming December price will not be adrift far from sebelumnnya generation.

It affirmed the Chief Executive Officer of PT Astra International Peugeot Constantine Okezone Herlijoso when contacted on Friday (13/11/2009).

According to him, a change in the latest Peugeot 207 is not too significant. "So the price is not too far different from previous generations," he said.

He expressed, with only experienced changes in the grille, bumper and a little ornament on the interior, Peugeot 207 facelift pricing is only bound up less than Rp 10 million from the previous.

"His name is also just a facelift, so I think the price difference will not be more expensive than Rp10 million," said the man was Yoso familiarly called.

As a comparison, he explained, the price of the current Peugeot 207 from Rp249 million to the type of Trendy, Rp276 million for the bertransmisi manual, and Rp277, 5 for the type Twotronic.

"For the new 207 we only present two variants, Twotronic and Trendy," he said


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