Sunday 17 January 2010

10 New Model BMW Indonesia

To maintain sales growth remains double-digit, BMW Indonesia plans to introduce 10 new models this year. This is expressed by the President Director of PT BMW Indonesia, Ramesh inaugurated Divyanathan as his new office on 21st floor of the Plaza, Jalan Thamrin, Jakarta today.

Without detailing products launched - but one of them is X1 - Ramesh said efforts to increase growth in this year BMW began with the relocation of their offices.

"This is not just moved. But adapted to the characteristics and the image of BMW as a top-class cars, "he explained. Since the Plaza is a symbol of Indonesia's progress, so BMW decided to move into the building.

Added, the Plaza as part of the Indonesian hotel, built with eco-friendly concept, in accordance with the concept adopted by BMW now in running the company's operations.

The Plaza Building was built by applying a low-coating technology, to save energy, have their own power stations with gas, water and waste treatment of glass that can save energy.

In addition to occupying the new office, BMW also added the investment to strengthen the brand image, improving the authorized dealer showrooms, increasing after-sales facilities, training and human resource development.

In 2009, when another brand has decreased, BMW actually managed to increase its sales 25 percent from 2008 (720 units) to reach 901 units.


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