Friday 29 January 2010

Fears Ferrari's F10 is lacking in pace

Ferrari F10
Ferrari have not yet turned a wheel in anger with their new F10 and already there are concerns about the car's performance.

In the middle of a disappointing 2009 Championship, Ferrari opted to forgo development work on their existing car and instead put their efforts into this year's machine.

The early design programme means, theoretically, Ferrari should have the jump on their rivals, many of whom focused on last year's cars until the very end.

However, there are already reported concerns about the quality of the team's new charger.

According to The Times, 'rumours are sweeping the Italian media that the performance estimates for the machine are not as good as the team were hoping for and that a "B-spec" version is being prepared to try to move it a stage farther on.'

Those reports, though, are contrary to what new driver Fernando Alonso had to say at Thursday's launch of the new car, which he clearly stated that initial tests have been positive.


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