Sunday 10 April 2011

Skoda Vision D

Skoda hinted at a new model to fit between the Octavia and Fabia with the Vision D concept car at the 2011 Geneva motor show. Skoda is plotting a Focus rival to make up for the company's weird half sizes - its current offering, the Octavia, is in fact a half size up.

But the Vision D is much more important than that. It heralds a new design look for the brand, masterminded by Jozef Kaban. He promises future models will combine the spaciousness, authenticity and precision of the current range, but with some passion injected into the mix.
The Skoda badge redrawn

The Skoda badge is also redrawn, sitting proudly on a stretched, wider grille. Did you know the emblem comes from Mr Skoda's obsession with American Indian headpieces? And that roving eye is looking to the future.
Skoda Vision D: the lowdown

The Skoda D's surfaces are taut, clean - and not a little Audi-ish. It looks very neat in the metal, and it's coming to production cars sooner than you may think.

This look will inspire the next generation of Skodas, promised CEO Winfried Vahland, who announced a new product offensive starting next year.

'From 2012 we will launch a new model every six months on average,' he promised.

What will they be? A new Up-based city car and a Focus sized hatch arrive in 2012, followed by the new Octavia in 2013.

Would you bet against a full-size MPV Sharan spin-off? We wouldn't.

Source from carmagazine


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