Thursday 7 April 2011

Morgan Threewheeler

Morgan surprised us all today by going back in time and unveiling the new-for-2011 roadster Threewheeler.

Morgan started out making three-wheelers and from next year it will do so again; between 1909 and 1953 Morgan manufactured around 30,000 three-wheelers. One even won the French Grand Prix in 1913 and Stirling Moss owned one.
And what of the new 2011 Morgan Threewheeler?

The new Morgan will be fitted with the latest 'Screaming Eagle' 1800cc twin engine from a Harley Davidson married to a five-speed manual transmission from Mazda.

It's based on a tubular frame wrapped in aluminium superformed bodywork. Think old Morgan three-wheeler style, brought up to date with new tech.

The leather-padded cockpit will be protected by two rollover bars, but there is no hood available. Morgan claims a kerbweight of 500kg.

That light weight will ensure rapid performance: 0-62mph takes just 4.5sec and top speed is estimated at 115mph (if you're feeling brave enough).
When can I buy the new Morgan Threewheeler?

The car will be launched at the 2011 Geneva motor show, with UK sales expected in summer 2011. Prices will be announced at launch, but CAR understands around £30,000 is likely.

Morgan will build around 800 cars this year; a spokeswoman said that they have no idea what demand will be like for the Threewheeler, but they plan to monitor reaction in the run-up to its Swiss launch.

Certainly one of the more interesting launches this autumn...


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