Wednesday 20 October 2010

Suzuki Satria R120 Modifications in Kalimantan | MOTORCYCLE MODIFICATION

Suzuki Satria R120 Modifications in Kalimantan
Problem modification of the motor, Borneo is famous for the creative. Like Jupiter MX 135LC, body wrapped with disposable plates. Today, artificial R120 2002 Suzuki Satria from Pontiac's Andi Salim, body wearing plastic waste, made an appearance more manly and powerful. "The whole body of this duck using the original motorcycle body waste," said Salim, who modify their own bike.

Salim utilize the former with the reshaped body, according to designs That Have Been Previously Designed. To obtain materials, he must hunt the flea market centers. Once collected, the new and form a constrained model in want.

Selected plastics, other than light, are also strong. Just take care when making a connection. Here Salim mengnandalkan electronic solders for each connection. Indeed, the process penggarapannya fair amount of time.

"For the whole body takes a month more," said Salim who claimed to make connections in trouble when bending the body. To strengthen the new body, planted at the rear of fine wire to plastics not meleyot.

Indeed, Salim does not use plastic for every body. As the lattice gap wind is not contrived, but wearing a Honda Supra X125.

For the painting process, firstly in the putty sanded afterwards. "The most in connection Sand, while in another the surface is not too much trouble. Because the original Had been smooth," beber builder with the status of students majoring in management Universitasa Widiadarma, Pontianak. Another question if there is a small scratch or wound.

After that, the entire body doused new DuPont paint with silver color options. The result, which has been discontinued Satria manufacturer that appear more modern and up to date.

There is one thing I can not hide from the cold hands of Salim's work. As a smoker, he made the place a cigarette in the motor body, which can contain as many as 12 cigarettes. "Actually, like equipped like a cigarette lighter in the car, but have not had time," said Salim.

Is okay, as long as he do not smoke up the motor, yes. (Nurfil)

Front tire: 110/80-17 Swallow
Rear tire: 150/60-17 Dunlop
Front rim: Enkei
Rear rim: Power
Upside down: Cagiva Mito
Sok back: Cagiva Planet
Footstep: VFR 800
Gas spontaneously: Kawasaki 1400R
Handgrip: Aprilia RS250
Silencers: Aprilia RS250
Oil cooler: Satria F-150


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