Wednesday 20 October 2010

Suzuki Satria Modification R120 | MOTORCYCLE MODIFICATION

Suzuki Satria Modification R120 | MOTORCYCLE MODIFICATION
You may be somewhat confused to see this bike modifications. What flow adopted? If the glance from the front is five meters, the identity of the motor was clearly baseball. Living machines that can characterize the brand and type of motor, rose when seen up close.

Baseball so curious, that the motor base is R120 2002 Suzuki Satria Leonardo's Amos Amos Saragih from home modifications Leonardo Design Yogyakarta. He gave the theme of his works was the futuristic motor or the future.

"I deliberately presents a different concept. Steering using a working system with a driven gear that moves back and forth, and then forwarded the clutch cable car as a front-wheel drive," said Amos.

If you want to turn left, right handlebar is lowered, then the small gear mounted on the base of the handlebars will turn around and pushing a big gear. Because getting a boost, a large gear wheel rotates in the opposite direction with the driving gear (left handlebar). Spontaneously will give impetus behind the small gear at the base of the right handlebar.

This concept, according to Amos, will be improved because there are still many shortcomings. Handlebars materials valued less bulky and less wide. Rotation of gear in this section are also less tender. "Originally made Batman handlebar mount models. As time is not enough (Suzuki MODIF would contest), so yes like this, "he said.

Besides the body, the skeleton is also changing with the use of one-inch diameter pipe, including the front legs and rear. While the swing arm system and apply a single model ori-arm rear. Both the shape and design is the work itself. Only, the shape of the tank and a large body and thick, not matched with front suspension models.

Appropriate recognition of Amos, Suzuki Satria still not perfect and will be developed.


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