Wednesday 2 June 2010

Modern Futuristic Model MYBUS Concept Car

Modern Futuristic Model MYBUS Concept CarModern Design Futuristic MYBUS Concept Car

Designed by Nuno Teixeira, Mybus is a concept electric vehicle of the future that aims at giving a new green face to urban commuting. While the concept vehicle is all about its unique safety features that make sure that both the passengers and pedestrians are safe, its all-electric engine ensures that the planet is saved from carbon emissions. With features such as electronic stability systeModern Futuristic Model MYBUS Concept CarBeautiful Design Futuristic MYBUS Concept Car with back body

ms, smart cruise control, brake-by-wire, rear detection systems and smart wing mirrors, the concept commuter ensures that the journey is safe and pleasant. Mybus is designed to encourage more people to take up public transportation, thereby ensuring a decrease in vehicular pollution.
This also helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road, along with increased safety while commuting. The individual motor in each wheel ensures safety as well as energy conservation as only the required amount of energy is used to propel the vehicle.

Modern Futuristic Model MYBUS Concept CarAmazing Luxury Design Futuristic MYBUS Concept Car

The front wheels seem to take up unnecessary space, as a sleeker design would surely help during the rush hour traffic. The concept also looks unfit for modern roads, with a chassis that is too low. this greats design futuristic car for future..this name is mybus concept car design. i think this design car is luxury design futuristic.


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