Friday 18 June 2010

Ferrari 612 GTO Concept by Sasha Selipanov

Ferrari 612 GTO Concept
What will Ferrari's planned 2012 replacement for the big 612 Scaglietti grand tourer look like? Berlin-based Sasha Selipanov, who calls himself the Angry Car Designer, has dreamed up one appealing possibility: a killer 612 GTO concept combining the sinuous lines of Ferrari's latest models along with a nod to the famed 250 GTO. Considering that Ferrari just unveiled its 599 GTO it's practically impossible that a 612 GTO could follow suit so quickly, if at all, but that doesn't stop Selipanov's project from being beautiful. He hasn't engaged in the usual concept car game of laying out engine specs and such or gassing on about quilted Alcantara seats; concentrating instead on gorgeously rendered lines. Feast your eyes and dream on.


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