Thursday 23 December 2010

Car Alarms

With the advent of science and technology cars, virtually a fleet of them are enabling millions worldwide to travel large distances in the shortest amount of time possible. What’s interesting is that with the increase in the number of cars the amount of car theft has also increased worldwide. This alarming scenario of car thefts all around the world have brought to the fore the importance of having car alarms installed in one’s vehicle. The car alarms are the one of a kind solution to deter thieves. Car alarms are basically devices or rather sensors which are installed in a vehicle to prevent the theft of the vehicle or any of its contents and parts.

The car alarms usually works by emitting high volume beeps or various other kind of sounds mostly according to the customization of the user. In some cases the car horn, klaxon sounds or pre-recorded warnings are used. The car alarms are triggered by an entire spectrum of signals. They include vibrations of any sorts, opening of the hood or the boot. Touching of the door or any part of the car can cause the car alarm to go off. In some cases the car alarms are also accompanied by the flashing of the lights of the car. If you are the one with a fetish for total control and want complete security you can even customize settings of the car alarm with a pager system so that you get informed as soon as someone tries to tamper with your beloved vehicle.

The two main categories of car alarms available are the OEM and the after-market alarms. The OEM car alarms are the ones which are built into the car from the factory. The after-market car alarms are the ones which are installed after the car is rolled out of the assembly line. The after-markets are obviously the ones which are flashy and come with better features. Arming and disarming of the car alarms are usually done using a remote control.

In the past few years the world has becoming high tech and thus the car alarms have also evolved beyond the realms of normal imagination. A gush of technological rush has transformed the car alarm system into something really flashy fashion statement obviously with the safety and security measures. Nowadays the car alarms come with different aspects and types wherein there are typical responses to the different parts of the car, quite literally. The Power door locks, Power lock kits, Power window kits, Window conversion kits are some the latest new toys in the market right now. The use of each is evident from the names and they provide safety to particular areas of the car making the safety of the car much more sophisticated.

With the introduction of the GPS systems the car alarms have crossed all limits and safety of your vehicle is now fool-proof. It has become rather easy to spot your car on the run. With the added advantages of some features like the unsuspecting thief is allowed to drive away for a couple of miles after which the car will automatically come to a stop with the ringing of sirens have made the car alarms a must have in the car. Other important aspects like that of the electronic immobilizers that prevent ignition bypass, air horns, microwave detectors to detect slightest of movements and LED lights the car horns serve as the most effective and easy affordable way to protect your car.

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