Tuesday 16 November 2010

Umbrella Auto Design gives the Nissan GTR an interior you’ll have to take to the cleaners

umbrella auto design gives the nissan gtr an interior you 8217 ll have to take to the cleaners
How is it that some people can turn something that already looks sickeningly awesome into something even better? It takes some talent, I’ll tell you that. And on top of talent, it also takes some brilliant piece of innovation.
Umbrella Auto Design seems to have both of those things – talent and innovation – in abundance considering they managed to turn the Tokyo Drift interior of an already stunning Nissan GT-R into a dressed up piece of black suede awesomeness.
These guys went to completely all-out on the project, overhauling the whole interior using Black Ultrasuede with silver stitching. They replaced the dashboard, the console, the side panels, the seats, the subwoofer cover, the tray, and the steering wheel. The only things they left out are the floor mats, although we won’t be surprised if they actually used some suede on them.
The result is something undeniably sick you’d probably wonder why Nissannever considered doing something like this with the GT-R. Then again, that’s what aftermarket shops are for, right?
One thing we do know is that nobody’s eating French fries or drinking Mountain Dew while inside this car. You can take that to the bank.


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