Thursday 26 November 2009

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari is working hard to meet the requirements set up by the European government for the new CO2 laws that will begin in 2012 by downsizing the carbon footprints by almost 40%.Ferrari is even looking to downsize the new Enzo.

Awhile back there were rumors that Ferrari was looking into a twin-turbo V8 to replace the Enzo’s 6.0L V12 powerplant. Now the Ferrari technical director Robert Fedeli told AutoWeek in an interview that Ferrari is developing both a V8 and a V12 to cover its exotic options.

The Italian automaker states that it is not interested in advancing the power wars, and that driving dynamics will take precedence over brute force. IfFerrari manages to keep the weight to 2,200 lbs. using technology hinted at with the FXX Mille Chile concept, then even the vaunted Veyron could have more competition than it can handle. They just need to make sure that drivers know exactly how to drive the new lightweight cars. If not than 2012 will be the year of crashes more so than this year.


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