Saturday 15 August 2009

Ferrari 458 Italia Spotted on the Road

Following the official release of pictures and information of the brand-spanking new Ferrari 458 Italia, the first on-the-road picture has appeared! It has a high-contrast black and white covering to obscure the design lines to save some surprise for the upcoming international motor show in Frankfurt (which is officially confirmed btw).

The 458 replaces the outgoing F430. Details regarding the 458 include the fact that it has a 4.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 that pumps out 570hp, it is run by a new 7-speed double-clutch transmission and goes from zero to 60 in 3.4 seconds on its way to a top speed of 202mph.

Aerodynamic advances include small aero-elastic winglets and a rear diffuser for downforce. The dry weight is 3042 lbs and it boasts a 42/58 weight distribution.


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