Monday 7 January 2008

Toyota PM Concept Car a personal transport concept

Toyota PM Concept Car

Toyota PM is highly maneuverable thanks to its castor like wheels capable of rotating through 180 degrees. The front wheels are also notable because of their hub-less design.
The futuristic Toyota PM concept from 2003 is a personal transport concept.
The PM's cockpit opens by touching one of the unusual stalk mounted headlights, this then glows green to announce the impending opening of the glass canopy.
Another interesting feature Toyota has built into the PM is its adjustable ride height and attitude. As the PM's speed increases it lowers to the ground to increase stability and improve aerodynamics.
Inside the PM information regarding vehicle performance and the location of other PM's is relayed to the single occupant by a floating virtual display.
Power for the concept comes from an electric motor.


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