Sunday 14 November 2010

Electric car

An electric car is a plug-in battery powered automobile propelled by electric motor(s).

Although the electric motor often give the acceleration speed is good and acceptable in general higher, and low energy specific batteries available for production in 2010 compared with carbon-based fuels means that electric vehicles require batteries that are part of a relatively large mass of vehicle, but still often What gives relatively low, ranging from the charges against him. Recharge can also take significant lengths of time. For shorter trips within some passengers, rather than long-haul flights, electric cars are practical forms of transport and can be recharged expensive overnight. Currently the longest flight range of options followed by the installation of battery swap infrastructure in all cities throughout the pilot plant several, such as Tokyo.
Electric cars have the ability to reduce pollution significantly by the presence of zero-emissions city tube tail. Savings vehicles greenhouse gas emissions depends on how to generate electricity. With the energy mix in the present United States, using an electric car that would lead to a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Given the current energy mix in other countries, has predicted that the emissions would reduce by 40% in the UK, 19% in China, and less than 1% in Germany.
It is expected that electric cars have a significant impact in the automotive industry because the benefits of pollution in the city, and reduce dependence on oil, and the expected increase in gasoline prices. And world governments pledged billions of dollars to fund the development of electric vehicles and their components. The United States pledged $ 2.4 billion in federal grants for electric cars and batteries. China announced it would provide U.S. $ 15 billion to start in the manufacture of electric vehicles. And the chief executive of Nissan's Carlos Ghosn, one of the 10 cars in the world will run on battery power alone by 2020. In addition, a recent report claimed that by the year 2020, electric cars, "green" cars will take the other one third of total global car sales.


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