Sunday 28 November 2010

2007 Porsche 911 Turbo Competition

A number of tuning firms have already put the 911 under the proverbial tuning phase and there always seems to be a healthy competition from tuning firms to develop the most awesome 911 on the street. Firms like 9ff, TechArt, Sportec, and even Misha, have taken their turns upping the ante on the 911. There are differences in power, of course, with 9ff arguably producing the most powerful modded Porsches on the planet. All this, of course, still remains a subjective matter depending on what your preferences are. If you’re looking for a performance upgrade, 9ff is a good one to consider. If you’re looking for styling upgrades, Misha’s work with the 911 Turbo is a work of art. And if you’re looking for the whole package, Vorsteiner’s VRT 911 Turbo Coupe is about as good a modded 911 as you can find.


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