Saturday 25 July 2009

Spy Shots: Ferrari 599 XX Spotted Uncovered at Fiorano

Captured while rounding Ferrari’s own Fiorano test track, this unclad beauty seems to be the production-ready version of the 599 XX concept shown at the Geneva Motor Show.

Intakes and outlets have been revised from the concept version, so has the rear wing, but overall the car seems very true to the original. What hasn’t changed, one bit, is the perception that this will be a very fast race day special. Ferrari is expected to run a standalone race series for the 599 XX, as it did for the spectacular Enzo FXX. Our spy shooter tells us that this 599 is rumored to be even a bit faster round Fiorano than that legendary Enzo variant. High praise indeed, if true.

An 599 XX showing up in FIA GT series racing, or at Le Mans isn’t out of the question, either.

Scroll down to read the shooter’s own report and click through our gallery above to take a better look at the car.

The guys over at Ferrari are on the go with the racetrack only joy machine 599 XX. First showed as a concept car in Geneva, Ferrari has confirmed that they will bring the 599 XX to the people. Well, not to ordinary people like you and me, but to those who earn as much as we do in a year in just 1 hour.

These photos were taken on Ferraris own test track Fiorano, and if we compare this prototype with the concept car from Geneva we can see some smaller changes especially at some of the air inlets and outlets. But also the rear wing seems slightly different.

The 599 XX is an extreme track day car and like the Enzo FXX there will be an own race series for the 599 XX. Rumors are even saying that the 599 XX is faster than the Enzo FXX.

Let’s hope the 599XX will also show up in Le Mans or at some FIA GT racing would be nice to see how it handles compared to other racecars.


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