Sunday 5 September 2010

Flying Cars!

No, they come not only in movies, they are actually the real things you can get from point A to point B. The technical term is "movable Aircraft" and can, of course, both on the ground and air travel.

So remember, the Wright brothers? Okay, even the guy who was the actual flying car named Glen Curtiss invented, and they were literally as rivals. The truth is, fly the flying car is not necessarily "," hopped it only (as disappointing). The person who actually develop, the flying car was named Waldo Waterman. He met during Curtiss Curtiss was a pioneer work somewhere around the North Island from the San Diego Bay in 1910 or so. On 21 March 1937, that at Waterman's movable planes had flown into the air. Its wingspan was 38 feet and was about 20 feet long! There was something called the Studebaker-powered engine that, when it was in the air and on the street. His top speed was 112 km / h in the air and 56 km / h on the road.

Of course, after the Second World War, everything seemed like it was attainable, what people think, they would lead to "reinvent Flying Car" fairly soon. There have been many attempts have been made when it comes to that dream becomes a reality, but no one has really succeeded so far.

If everyone in the 1950s so anxiously for this to come, Ford Motor Company decided to do their research. They came to the conclusion that a flying car was possible, it would be used in case of emergency, police, military uses, and even for people just to have it so they can travel "luxurious." I think we can say that this is already invented the helicopter, but helicopters can not go on the streets or highways! If Ford had decided that they have enough research and were ready to start production of this "thing", made the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) makes clear that they do not build because it was at this particular time, all clear to fly transport aircraft since they had flight numbers, heights, and such things. They thought that the flying car would break this pattern and to only complicate things. They also thought that if one was not built properly, it can eventually destroy the crash and possibly a house or a building, which I personally think that they can be excessively dramatic.

 There are two types of flying cars:
-Integrated: All the pieces are included on board the vehicle.
-Modular: The pieces to be used for flying, are either at the airport or anywhere else, while driving on the left.

As of now there are people who do their best to get a flying car that people actually buy and use. Do not believe me? Fine. It is a car called Parajet Skycar that flew from London to Timbuktu in January 2009. It has a motor glider for a motive and a glider, with which it is to lift. Its top speed is 112 km / h on land and 180 miles into the run. Following this success, the producers plan to make it that more people can use and buy built for 50,000 euros! I think that is not more expensive in American dollars, right?

I would not be able to tell you what kind of wheels it has original aircraft have been generally larger wheels than regular cars, but I am sure that the wheels should have stainless steel and quite expensive.


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