Sunday, 5 September 2010

Find New Cars of 2010

Syndicate cars competition is called TestFest. TestFest is happening in Niagara on the Lake in Canada. All automakers Canadian visit this place with the character selection of the latest new cars better. The competition will mark then cars, "Year", "utility vehicle" of the year from this list.

All vehicles subject to the driving test, and return to the back, under the same circumstances in which the resident AJAC's largest, and get called anonymous during the assessments, which consists of 23 properties, which include costs, interior space, handling, and performance. In the current year, 70 - Residents of writers who belong to the Canadian media tested 51 models in 12 different classifications. They have also written various reviews that provide information for people buying a new car on the Internet. Note that this does not cover every new car in 2010, but only the all-new models for 2010, or those that are correctly revised this year. For example, a car in Canada the top of any Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla is not included in this list, since the issuance of the previous year was roughly similar to a copy of this year. On the contrary, said that Canada Mazda3 car No.3 three copies of this list because there was a substantial revision of this model compared to last year.

Reunion Lexus since HS250h people may consider it as a new car cheap, not expensive enough to qualify. I got a BMW Z4 car entry in the form of a manual transmission. Have also been made in any case to test drive each of these as well. At the end of the driving test, and calculated the total points for each vehicle, one with the largest amount of points and also announced the winner of the special class. There will be a new round of power again in February for each winner at the auto show in Toronto. Will be announced utility vehicle and a car in the year after that.

The team consists of a test group of vehicles consisting of journalists cars. Do you read our reviews on all vehicles in the "wheels" only to the categories of performance. Reviews on the new car discount is also available with the same. On Saturday, have a look at quick review on the cars, and new technology "best" and "the best green technology."


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