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Acura NSX review acura nsx statistics

The Acura NSX is the result of many years of research, racing experience, and technology. The supercar resulted with outstanding performance, luxury, and amazing control. There are two powertrains mounted mid-ship. The first powertrain is made totally of aluminum and is lightweight. The V6 engine has 24 valves, is 3.2liter, DOHC, and 90 degrees. The six speed manual transmission results in 290 horsepower and 224 lb-ft of torque. That means the Acura NSX is very powerful and can really get up and go. The second powertrain is a 3.0 liter DOBC that also has 24 valves in its V6 engine. The automatic transmission is a Sequential Sport Shift four speed and the engine can power out 252 horsepower and 210 lb-ft of torque.

Both of the engines have the VTEC, Variable Valve Timing, and Lift Electronic Control, which is patented by Acura. They also have direct ignition, a Variable Volume Induction System, as well as Programmed Fuel Injection that is controlled by a computer. Titanium connecting rods are used in the NSX engine because they are lighter and stronger than the steel ones.

The chassis is 40 percent lighter thanks to an all aluminum body that is also very firm like a steel body would be. This light chassis really complements the powertrain. A double wishbone suspension is used that maximizes handling and minimizes weight. The braking system is outstanding as well as it uses an advanced 4-channel ABS that makes braking easier and more dependable. Control is enhances and wheel spin limited thanks to the Traction Control System.

The Acura NSX has a classy design that is shaped and molded in a way that makes the passenger feel more powerful and classier. The Acura NSX is a supercar that is truly outstanding.
1993 acura nsx front view1993 Acura NSX front view
2008 acura nsx advanced sports car concept2008 Acura NSX advanced sports car concept
acura-nsx-spy-photoAcura NSX spy photo
acura nsx adlAcura NSX adl
2004 Acura NSX modified front2004 Acura NSX modified front
Preowned NSX for sale2005 Acura NSX for sale
acura nsxAcura NSX


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