Tuesday 2 February 2010

Ferrari confirms its hybrid will debut at Geneva Auto Show in March

prototype 599 hybrid

The rumors seem to be true: Ferrari, builders of the finest cars in the world, will be bringing a hybrid version of their 599 GTB Fiorano supercar to the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. To some of the less well informed out there, this might seem like a sacrilege, but for those who know Ferrari’s history of technical innovation, and just what can be accomplished with a properly set up hybrid drivetrain, this makes perfect sense.

Ferrari is, quite simply, one of the most technologically innovative car companies around, having invented and brought to market every thing from the sublime semi-automatic gearbox to the more prosaic 2+2 seating layout. So when the boys from Maranello have a crack at doing a hybrid, you can expect it to be thoroughly engineered and oriented towards stratospheric performance.


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