Tuesday 3 November 2009

Ultima GTR720 Chevrolet 720bhp V8 Engine Super Sports Car

Ultima GTR720 Chevrolet 720bhp V8 Engine

The car is equipped with a standard production 720bhp Chevrolet V8 engine option built specifically for Ultima by our OE engine suppliers American Speed.
The Ultima GTR720 is a fully road going production car with standard features such as air conditioning, stereo system and sealed luggage compartments etc and is often used as a daily driver.
The Ultima Factory who are the current world record holders, have for the third consecutive year smashed the world record for sprinting to 100mph and back to zero again in the all conquering, multiple world record holding 200mph Ultima GTR supercar.The Ultima GTR720 recorded a blistering 1min 9.9secs lap time, which demolishes the previous record of 1min10.7secs set by seven-time world Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher in his Ferrari FXX track car. To put things into perspective the Ultima is almost 10 seconds per lap faster than the fastest road car that Ferrari produces which is the renowned £450,000 Enzo..................Ultima GTR720 Chevrolet 720bhp V8 Engine

The Ultima GTR used for the successful record attempt was the factory's standard production specification Ultima GTR640 demonstrator, which has recently been upgraded with a 720bhp Chevrolet V8 engine, and hence now known as the Ultima GTR720. The GTR720 was fully road legal, road tyred and equipped with a standard 5 speed G50 transmission and a standard production engine option from Ultima's official OE engine suppliers American Speed. No traction control devices or ABS braking aids were used.
Richard Marlow commented, ' We always knew that the Ultima was more than capable of achieving performance figures of this caliber. There is no other supercar in history which can match the pace of the Ultima GTR in this discipline. Furthermore the GTR720 is available at a fraction of the price of all other supercars and is also fantastic to drive at more sedate road speeds with its road friendly engine. It is currently being used as my daily driver in all weather conditions. I expect with these latest officially verified world records for the Ultima GTR to retain its title for a long time into the future as the fastest accelerating and decelerating supercar of all time. Along with all of our other previous world records we have achieved over the past couple of years, this is a superb showcase to officially demonstrate to the world just what the Ultima is capable of achieving and we have gained unprecedented worldwide automotive recognition and respect for our marque in the process'.................Ultima GTR720 Chevrolet 720bhp V8 Engine

Driven by Ultima Director, Richard Marlow, the British built and designed Ultima GTR road car set a new world record time of a staggering 9.4 secs for the 0-100mph-0 sprint. The GTR scorched from 0-60mph in 2.6 secs, 0-100mph in 5.3 secs and braked to zero from 100mph in a mind blowing 3.6 secs, which are all in themselves road car world record times.
Ted Marlow commented, ' Quite frankly the Ultima has opened up a new league of road car performance with these new independently verified figures. The Ultima GTR with its superior power to weight ratio is now over two seconds quicker from 0-100mph-0 than the £750,000 McLaren F1 LM, and over one and a half seconds quicker than the £450,000 Ferrari Enzo. What's more the GTR720 performed these world beating statistics consistently and reliably time after time. The mind boggling 30-70mph time of just 1.8 seconds is further proof that the Ultima is so far ahead of any other car in terms of outright performance. ................ Ultima GTR720 Chevrolet 720bhp V8 Engine

This new catalogue of Ultima world records was once again strictly conducted, overseen and verified by an official from 'Datron Technology' who are acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records and the motoring press as official timekeepers.. The use of their official Microsat GPS timing equipment which is based on incorruptible data provides irrefutable proof of the astonishing Ultima times. The Ultima GTR720 used for these records which is a company demonstrator was driven to and from the test venue.
Ultima GTR720 Chevrolet 720bhp V8 Engine


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