Friday 13 November 2009

Ferrari California Sports Car with new V8 Engine 8 cylinders to guarantee superb performance.

Ferrari California

The Ferrari California is an exceptionally innovative car whose philosophy takes its inspiration from the spirit and emotions of one of the great Ferraris of the past, the 1957 250 California, a superbly elegant open top car designed for the track, which has, over the years, come to symbolise not only superior sportiness and performance but also exclusivity, craftsmanship and faultless sophistication.
Ferrari California is car with 8 cylinders has maximum output reached 460 Hp or equal 107 Hp/liter in 7,750 rpm. With a specific power of over 105 hp per liter, its maximum torque is 358 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm, 75% of which is available at just 2,250 rpm. The Ferrari California takes less than 4 seconds to accelerate from 0 - 60 mph and delivers a blistering 192 mph top speed. The new V8 features direct fuel injection and variable timing (on both intake and exhaust) to guarantee superb performance, exceptional handling, and fuel consumption and emissions that easily comply with the toughest Euro 5 and Lev2 standards Even can drive in high speed, the Ferrari California has an ideal balance.The California's mission is slightly different than other Ferraris; the all-new model is aimed more at a buyer who may not have considered Ferrari before, one who wants both high performance and high-end luxury.This new car joins Ferrari's 8-cylinderrange, so far consisting of the mid-engine models like the F430 only, as the first 8-cylinder Gran Turismo. .....................................Ferrari California

The Ferrari California is available exclusively as a convertible with retractable folding hard top in either a two-seater version with a traditional rear bench or in the 2+2 version which sees the rear bench equipped with seating for one to two passengers. In addition to its retractable hard, the California also offers a new direct injection V8 engine, a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox with steering wheel-mounted F1-style, an evolved F1-Trac traction control system, and standard Brembo brakes with CCM (carbon ceramic material) discs. This is the first V8 in the history of Ferrari road-cars to be mid-front mounted. Built entirely from aluminium, it retains the typical Ferrari architecture with a 90° angle between the two cylinder banks and a 180° angle between the cranks. The Ferrari California has length 4.563 mm, width 1.902 mm, height 1.308, wheelbase 2.670 mm, front track 1.630 mm, and rear track 1.605 mm.


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