Tuesday 9 September 2008

Paris Preview: 2010 MINI Crossover Concept

Click either image for a gallery of the MINI Crossover Concept

It's finally arrived folks... and it's not the coming apocalypse. MINI has released the first official images of the Crossover Concept, proving that BMW not only has a sense of humor, but that it's serious about bringing an all-wheel-drive MINI to market in 2010.

These initial images give us a clear indication of how future MINIs will be styled, and if BMW's reputation for making only a few revisions from concept to production hold true, this is very close to the finished product.

Measuring about six inches wider and taller than the Clubman, the Crossover Concept features a five-door body style, but that's where the similarities end. The right rear door has a conventional hinge, but the left door slides out and back, minivan-style. The rear hatch ditches the Clubman's dual doors and is instead fitted with a single panel that opens to the right. Sources suggest that the concept's door arrangement might be nixed in favor of something more traditional when it reaches production.

Power specifications and exact trim levels have yet to be revealed, but expect the Crossover to carry the same naturally aspirated and turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engines as its Cooper counterparts, BMW's Efficient Dynamics system (with start-stop tech) and naturally, all-wheel-drive.

It's likely that the Crossover won't be spending much time off road, but with a higher ride height, more space, a comfy interior and MINI's iconic styling, we're sure we'll see several on the highways and byways both here and abroad.

Read all the details in MINI's press release after the jump.


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